Hair Restoration

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Healthy Scalp Treatment

Scalp Prep – revitalizes your scalp by making it clean and removing excessive sebum oils and debris that can block the follicle, restricting new fragile hair from coming through the scalp. Scalp Prep is scientifically proven and laboratory tested to work beneath the scalp surface to increase nutrient and blood flow in the root area and help dissolve excess sebum; thus creating an environment for maximum hair rejuvenation.

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DHT Blocker

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Testosterone is converted to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by 5 Alpha Reductase (5AR) enzyme. DHT attaches to the Androgen Receptors on the hair follicle. DHT causes increased hair loss; gradually miniaturizing the hair follicle. This miniaturized hair follicle eventually dies and hair loss occurs. Xtreme DHT Inhibitor & Total Hair Nutrient harmlessly binds to Androgen Receptors and stops DHT from binding to hair follicles and shrinking/killing your hair. With less DHT binding to your Androgen Receptors, your hair starts to grow and resumes the normal cycle of hair growth. As less and less DHT binds to your hair, it has the chance to grow into strong, healthy hair. Small hairs can grow bigger and your dormant hair can start to grow again.

Before & After

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