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Hair Replacement

Integration: for women who have grade 2 hair loss, our integration system is designed to combine with their growing hair to fill in areas of need. Highly effective as a remedy for female pattern hair loss, this system can be adapted for everyday use or extended wear.

Duplication: for women who have grade 3 hair loss and want to regain the appearance of full healthy looking hair. This system looks completely natural, using an ultra-thin, skin-like breathable polymer combined with the finest silk nylon to hold hair securely and gives the appearance of naturally flowing hair from the scalp.

Womens Results 5.png
Womens Results 4.png

Full Head Prosthesis: Designed for women with Grade 4 hair loss usually resulting for medical treatments or health issues. Our cranial prosthesis designs are available in a range of materials and prices to suit individual needs. All designs are handmade from the finest materials and custom-fitted and finished to ensure complete comfort and satisfaction. 

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