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Hair Saviours was created to ensure that any client that has lost or that is losing their hair will have a place that they can turn to for help. Our Certified Trichologist specializes in hair, hair loss, and scalp disorders. Our main focus is assisting clients by finding the underlying cause to their hair loss at a cellular level and providing personalized treatment options. 

  • Our mission at Hair Saviours is to transform our clients experience into a luxury experience all while achieving the desired results expected with their hair or scalp concerns.

  • Our vision is to be one of the leading Hair Loss, Hair Restoration and Healthy Scalp resources recognized for their individualized treatment plans created with the guests specific hair, and scalp issues in mind.

  • Our Core Values are compassion, empathy, attentiveness, and resilience!

About Us

We address the following Hair Loss Challenges.


 • Alopecia (All types)

 • Chemotherapy/Radiation

 • Medical Treatments/Conditions

 • Thinning, Balding, and Shedding 


Your SATISFACTION is our priority.


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Monica, I loveeee your hair products. I love the way they let my hair feels looks and grows.

BFF Vlogs Forever


Rhonda McGhee

"Thanks for the scalp treatment yesterday. My scalp feels so much better."


Monica Dickenson  is my go to for

all my hair needs.

Her talent as a stylist is unmatched by any others.

Monica is also the premier provider for hair restoration, her attention to detail, knowledge of the latest technology & sciences to restore lost hair is unparalleled.

Within a short time I have seen a number of changes in the growth & texture of my hair. I highly recommend her services.

Patricia Lozinak

"I have been going to Hair Saviours for over 4 months now. Monica is very professional, on time, and willing to answer my questions...Within one month, results started to show. I recommend this company to anyone else looking for help."

JT Gregory

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